He had just 48 hours to live before being euthanized, Stuffed dog outside of euth’ door at shelter inspires puppy’s rescue

Had it not been for a photo of a stuffed toy outside of the last door a dog would ever enter to be euthanized at the Downey Animal Shelter on Tuesday afternoon, Tucker would have sadly become just another statistic. When animal advocate Sal Valdepena, however posted the image of the toy, animal advocates immediately began to fight for the rescue of a dog they had never seen nor met.

“Tucker beat all the odds… Tucker is a survivor. Teams of people came together and successfully executed a plan that would give him the absolute best chance at a beautiful life. I often choke up in rescue because I know these animals so well. You want the best for them.”

So who is Tucker? The puppy’s story began on September 8 when his photo was posted after he had just 48 hours to live before being euthanized. Described as  “amazing, kissable, sits for treats,” and  a lover of belly scratches, the overcrowded shelter had labeled him to die – no room for new incoming dogs. Since Tucker was  deemed as “rescue only” because he had a “resource guarding issue with food in his bowl,” only a Los Angeles County approved partner rescue could save him with an indemnity waiver.

And so the sharing began. Tucker’s “toy” photo spread from coast to coast quickly. And as the poignant photo hit home, even the most stoic could barely hold back  tears. On Tuesday evening, Sal shared the news:

“Tucker has been rescued by The Animal Debt Project and in a joint effort, adopted by Add to your Family. He’s now in training to help with any behavioral issue… His beautiful heart is beating tonight because people cared so much about him. Thank you everyone who took the time to stop and share his story. This isn’t the end it’s the beginning. This isn’t defeat this is triumph. This is rescue.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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