GoPro Cam Reveals How Much Joy A Therapy Dog Can Bring To A Children’s Hospital

Whenever we’re sad or whenever we’re sick, we can always count on our dogs to cheer us up. They would even try to heal us with their love. They’d stay by our side and would give us kisses and hugs whenever we need them.

Our dogs give us hope and comfort during those times. But to those who are confined at the hospital, especially the kids, they can count on therapy dogs like Hank.

Hank, an Old English Sheepdog, visited the Seattle Children’s Hospital. During his visit, he wore a GoPro cam which recorded every minute of his visit there. Footage from the GoPro camera revealed just how much happiness and joy Hank brought to everyone at the hospital. Check out the video below!

Hank brightens up every room he enters! And it’s not just the patients who love him, he’s also making the employees smile.

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