Dog intentionally shot in face and left to suffer and die

Somewhere south of Dallas, Texas, a heartless animal abuser walked up to his friendly dog wagging his tail, pointed a gun to the unsuspecting animal’s face and pulled the trigger. Whether the culprit meant to kill the dog or just let him languish in pain is not known, but this dog’s story only got worse.

When picked up by the local Animal Control after aimlessly wandering the streets, the dog, dubbed Sully was brought to a lonely and underfunded, rural animal shelter where he was left to die. There were no calls for a veterinarian’s help nor did anyone seem to care whether Sully lived; he stayed curled up in a dark kennel for three  days -the damage done to his face already infected and making it too painful for Sully to eat. And when a kind-hearted volunteer luckily found him, he wagged his tail and quickly scooted towards her for comfort.

had further X-rays and diagnostic testing completed today, and sadly Sully‘s jaw is completely shattered from the bullet wound. He is in a great deal of pain, even on very strong pain meds and antibiotics and is having trouble eating. Sully will definitely need jaw surgery to repair the damage done to his jaw from the bullet,” described Stacey.Had it not been for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Sully’s life surely would have ended. According to the organization’s co-founder Stacey Silverstein, Sully was rushed to their partner veterinarian and examined as to where the bullet’s trajectory entered  and exited.

But Stacey’s sadness about Sully wasn’t confined to just the pain the innocent dog suffered.

“We are completely disgusted with our human race. Why would anyone hurt an innocent living being? All we can do now is pick up the pieces and try to give Sully his life back,” stated Stacey. “He is a dog, and we are the people that do harm to these creatures that show nothing but love. Sully has no remorse for his love and would most  likely gladly run back to his owner that tortured him, but today love is not pain.”

Updates on Sully will be ongoing. Now the organization needs help raising the thousands of dollars needed for the dog’s complicated surgery to repair and rebuild his jaw. To donate, please click here. Donations via Paypal or checks can be mailed to RDR, PO Box 101, NY NY 10028.

If anyone is available to foster in the Dallas Fort Worth area, please contact the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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(Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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