Dog Escapes Death and Finds His Happily Ever After

Meet Boonrod. This darling pup has one of the most horrific stories we’ve ever heard, and it’s going to make you feel slightly ill. When he was born, he was born into a home that you might call a slaughterhouse. He was the puppy of a dog that already lived there, and he was kept locked in a small cage in filth and destitute conditions. His life was nothing. He had no love, no family, no friends and no fun. He was there for the sole purpose of getting bigger so that he could be slaughtered and his meat illegally sold. When Thailand police were let in on the fact that the man who had Boonrod was running an illegal slaughterhouse, they came calling. It was just in time, too, as there were many dogs in the slaughterhouse, but Boonrod was the only one still alive.

He was taken, healed, loved and he was adopted by a loving family out of Italy. A family of two saw his photo online and recognized the sadness in his eyes. They knew immediately that this dog needed someone to love him and care for him. He then went through the very long process of being sent from Thailand to Italy, and he arrived tired, weary and very sad. Now, however, he is a dog with a loving home, fun, and family. He’s happy, he is healthy and he is finally living the kind of live he deserves to live, and there is something remarkable about that feeling for him and for all of us.

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